Wednesday, July 27, 2005


"You Can Harm Others" reads the cigarette pack sitting on my desk. I've blacked out some of the letters with an artline texta and now have been granted divine permission to go and hurt someone.

I was inspired by Lollie's friend Mary last weekend. She was in a bit of a cranky mood about attending a party where someone she hated would surely be there.

This certain someone bears a striking resemblance to an overfed panda, wallowing in it's own filth. No names though. I aint bitter.

Today has been a day where everyone around me seems irritable, if not downright distraught.
I feel like I'm narrowly dodging bullets here, avoiding the terrible things that my mates fall into on the game board.

Car crash, lose your job, join a cult - the possibilities are endless.

If life were like a monopoly board, this would be like praying you roll a 6 on the dice so you avoid getting stuck in jail for one turn. Man I hate that.

I wonder if the moon has anything to do with this? I'm so sick of the moon's interference. Who allow's it to do this!?!? I think I'll write s strongly worded letter to God.

Lollie has been havin a cranky week, mainly cause of her car fucking up. I saw her this morning filled with a minty fresh momentum (and a saucy new makeup job) only to have it all crushed by loud and uncouth colleagues who think they're still in school, yelling over other people in a meeting to get their point across.

Plus a good friend of mine here says he's looking for a new job.

I cant mention any names, lest I spark up more office politics, but it's still pretty upsetting news. He's not happy where he is, and on one hand I want him to be. But I also want him to stay, because if he goes, I'll have no one to be chauvinistic and rude with. Plus the universe will be destabilised. Certainly not a plus.

So here I am in the midst of all this, consoling and absorbing. Giving all that I'm able, but at the same time - glad that it's not me for once.

the end.


Blogger Lollie_Pop said...

I appreciate your concern slim, but there will always be loud and uncouth people that life throws at you. Kinda like that cat lady from the Simpson.
Maybe I need to work on a thicker skin and have sex with total strangers :)

4:42 PM  
Blogger Lollie_Pop said...

p.s hehehehe cat lady, god bless her :)

4:42 PM  
Blogger Slim said...

Why dont you and I just go buy a whole bunch of cats for the next team meeting??

4:51 PM  
Blogger Lollie_Pop said...

that's possibly the best idea i've ever heard... let's just hope that they never schedule us into the same meeting time :)

5:54 PM  
Blogger izchan said...

shouting match ... :)

just had one this morning, with the cab driver.

I told him to stop.
He said no.
Shouting ensued.

what a way to start a day.

4:55 AM  

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