Friday, July 29, 2005


I left work yesterday in a foul mood. No idea why.

I was meant to go home, quickly eat, then go and hang out with my mate Nicky. But for some reason while driving I was stricken, completely stricken with feelings of guilt and rage.

I mean, I'm not exactly what you'd describe as a 'happy' person. When I was 6 years old I told my mother that I was filled with existential angst and she made me see a therapist.

Usually in my day to day life I take solace in the little things that make me happy. An e-mail from a friend, a great cup of espresso and the Scar Predator that finally arrived in the mail from eBay.

Not so yesterday, I was plagued. There's nothing worse than feeling something and not knowing where it stems from. I try to take the logical approach:

"This feeling of nausea in your stomach - where is it coming from?"

"When did you start feeling this way?"

Trying to trace back my crankiness.

I ended up getting home, not talking to anyone, then curling up on my bed and sulking for a good half hour. My mentality with negative emotions is that you gotta feel it to get through it. So I battoned down the hatches and weathered the storm.

Half an hour, and lots of dark daydreaming later, I was fine. Got up, dusted the funk off my shoulders and stepped out feelin' great.

Damn I hate how emotions can grip you like that. How they can stop you in your tracks.
It has to be the work of Satan

"That's right Jimmy Boy, you aint going nowhere!!"

I'm picturing Bea Arthur as Satan, wearing a pair of devil horns and standing in my bedroom wearing some sort of red sequined gown. Underneath it is a G string.

Aaaaghhh!! Damn my overactive imagination!!!
Oh My GOD!! Bea Arthur is in my room!!! This is worse than the time Barbara Streisand stole all my CDs.

But I got through it.
I may have sulked like an infant, but I still got through it.
And today the sun is shining, cigarettes are plentiful, and tonight I'm buying porn!!

So suck my dick, ma'am - my life feels great.

the end.


Blogger Lincoln Mua'dib said...

You need porn? I have bit of a glut of it at the moment. All clean pages no schkwooshy. Ya know how to reach me . . .

2:20 PM  
Blogger Lincoln Mua'dib said...

. . . on a more serious note, I also sulk when I'm in a bad mood. Only I do it over about 2 hours and lots of Tekken5. Heh heh heh. Or porn that helps too. I need a new knife . . .

2:21 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

It's called a case of the 'Mean Reds' a phrase coined by my friend Catboy. It's when you feel Angelus rather than Angel and you haven't even shagged Buffy and experienced your one perfect moment of happy. Maybe it's needed because your happy hormones .. can't continue thought, Justice League about to start on Cartoon Network. Must Watch. Muah!

8:00 PM  
Blogger izchan said...

when it comes to anger, I have the best medicine for it.

let it all out.

I mean seriously.

if you keep it in, it only gets worst. its like a bloody pressure cooker. if you let the steam out every bit of tension goes away.

how to let it out.

different people with different methods.

mine is a little simple.

get a pillow.
put it on your face.
and SHOUT!!!!!

it does work.

8:44 PM  
Blogger Slim said...

I'm just glad all of y'all liked the photo of Bae Arthur. That took ages to find.

Izchan, I could well adopt your tactics, except I'd probably take a knife to the pillow!!

1:16 PM  
Blogger Slim said...

My mate George from work wrote me this lengthy e-mail and it was cool so I thought I'd include it on his behalf:

If you think you're not a happy person, then start doing the things that make u feel happy…if u can't get these things right away, then have patience.
Life is an emotional rollercoaster, one day you're happy, the other day you're down.

I don't know why we are here, and it does my head in trying to figure it out, but I think the most important thing any human being can do in their life is touch someone's heart…so if you know you've touched someone's heart and done the right thing, etc, then you have nothing to fear about.

Think about life like this, what comes up must come down, and then goes up again…if u stay positive, then maybe more postive things will occur in ur life, and when the negative things come up, and things u can't even control, face them head on, pick urself up, and get over it….as long as you don't hurt anyone then you got nothing to worry about.

There are ppl who can't hold down a job…u have one.
There are ppl who can't afford to own a car or drive one or have the skills to drive…u have all these.

There are ppl who don't have social skills and are boring…you're not one of those people.

There are people who are depressed bc they can't find a date or they're not happy with their appearance….dude ppl pay u to take ur photo!

You're still young, no one's perfect, life isn't perfect, and my advise isn't perfect, bc god know's it easier said than done, and I wish I took my own advise…but try and be happy….bc when you're unhappy, u get wrinkles, and then u go ugly…do u want to be ugly??? I didn't think so.

Okay now I'm rambling…what the fuck are u smoking a 10 foot joint outside, take ur time why don't ya!

The end.

5:56 PM  

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