Monday, September 26, 2005


Music Video Appreciation with Danny Power

You know, it occurs to me, working for a pay TV company that I sit all days in front of a television watching music videos. The TVs usually on Music Max, basically cause they have the best variety, and spend the most time showing actual music videos.

Unlike MTV. I mean, when they're not busy with Pimp My Ride or The Osbournes, they cram every spare second with those god awful jamster ringtone ads.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how the music video has to be one of my favourite genres. It appeals to someone such as myself who has a notoriously short attention span. You have three or four minutes to say what you've gotta say, then get out.

Originally the music video was conceived as a promotional tool, a piece of 'visual candy' to go along with the single. They have since evolved into an art form of their own. I've been reflecting on some of my favourites. They're my favourites for good reason too. They're smart, dynamic, punchy and are a treat to watch while stoned!!

Let's start with Push It, by Garbage. Where do I start with this one?? People with light bulbs instead of heads waltzing through the supermarket. Fluro people who are all scribbled out. This was one of Garbage's finest moments, along with the raw energy of Why Do You Love Me and the spaced out stoner-ism of You Look So Fine. Definitely a band who churn out one great music video after another. Their latest Sex is Not The Enemy is a bit of a worry though.

Moving on we have Butterflies & Hurricanes by Muse. Aside from the fact that it's the clip to my favourite song in all of existence, forever and ever amen, it's a high energy live romp. Matt and co play live to an arena audience while psychedelic buildings 'grow' out of the ground all around them. It's a fast paced clip which comes with a slightly remixed version of the song (with added ballsy guitars). Gotta love the CGU snow as well.

Dipping into my 80s education (presided over my Primus Nick - see entry number 38 for a complete list of Nicks) we have Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Controversial at the time of release because of it's sexual…errr…politics, the video sees a bar full of leather clad gay bikies force our intrepid front man to fight a tiger. All the while a fat man is shaving. And this has to do with gay sex how??

No account of my favourite music videos is complete without a nod to her Madgesty, Madonna. The stun gun in What It Feels Like For a Girl, the fucked up dream imagery in Bedtime Stories and the powerful image of a refugee child getting run over by a humvee in the banned American Life video. She truly has pioneered this genre. Without a doubt my favourite would have to be the equally controversial Like A Prayer video. Madonna sings against a backdrop of burning crucifixes, then makes out with a negro Jesus on a church altar!!

Now that's good blasphemy!!!

Last but certainly not least we have Russian faux lesbian TATU with 30 Minutes. Lena gets insanely jealous of Julia who's getting all hot and heavy with *shock!* a guy on the merry go round at the local carnival. So she steals away to the ladies room and constructs a bomb inside a Mickey mouse backpack!! Just as we see a hint of Julia's titty, Lena blows the whole amusement park apart, with severed limbs and all flying everywhere!!

Well that's about it from me ranting about film clips. In the time it's taken me to write this blog, I've consumed three cups of coffee!! I have to leave now and go stick up more photos of myself on my desk!!!

the end.


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