Tuesday, October 04, 2005


All rolled into forty eight hours...

Spent time with Lollie traipsing round Ballarat. I bought a Blink 182 block mounted poster. All three of em in their jocks. Just what I want in my room. Bet mum's gonna love that one. She already hates the array of Predators. Says they're 'unsettling'

I shared a bus ride with two VERY talkative children who would make songs out of every street sign we passed. While on the bus (staring at the Duff beer can I bought) Lincoln texts me to tell me his woman is dancing nekkid in front of him. Go Linx!! Ten points!! After all - your team needs all the good players it can get!!
Didn’t quite need that much information though. Thanks.
Got to see Serenity - probably my most anticipated film of the year - on Saturday night. Expect to hear more about this later on.
I've given the film three starts out of a possible five. It would have earned four, except one of my favourite characters died. Damn you Joss Whedon, always killing!! First, Anya and Spike. Cordy and Wesley. When will the bloodshed end?
Still trying to hunt down my Jayne action figure (complete with an arsenal of weapons and a cigar), I may have to chase it up on eBay.
Sat in the sun and watched muscular women walk on by.
Ate my favourite meal (scrambled eggs and toast - I'm a simple man), drank six beers.
Yesterday afternoon me and Trip dangled out the windows of Comfortable Chair, basking in the sun and the attention we were getting from passing motorists. Trip also brought with him two more pornos (we have a nice little arrangement going now - seven bucks a pop!!) and Premiers Symptomes - the last Air CD that I need to complete my collection.

So in short, it was a weekend that was badly needed. A weekend following a stressful week at work. We were all under the gun to work harder, faster and longer.
I got to do all my favourite things. Saw all my favourite people, and then drank some beer. Oh and it was my sister's 18th birthday on Saturday (she got well trashed!) and mum's birthday today! Happy birthday mum!!

the end.


Blogger Mel said...

Ballarat is all sorts of fun, there is a fab coffee shop with lovely pancakes on the left hand side of the street (oh you know, the MAIN ST) just before the church (THE CHURCH)- Naked Travis, hmmm. Mel likeee.
I hope you have a good week, I know you're having a good day. If you're like the rest of the people sitting next to me, you'll have a headache soon. I am loud. :)

2:52 PM  
Blogger Slim said...

I saw the poster in the music store and I was like


Gotta love Mark in a pair of red speedos. If only I looked that good.

Went to pancake parlour and ordered the same thing I always do

"Could I have an Alice In Wonderland surprise....oh, and could I see your wine list?"

2:58 PM  

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