Saturday, October 29, 2005


Just for the hell of it, I decided to list 101 things about me. They're not in any order. Most of them arent even important. But other than dating me for two and a half years, there's no way you'd ever know all this stuff!! Consider this my gift...

...and if you tell anyone, I will come to your house and cut you!!

1. I'm a vegetarian.
2. I have green eyes. They're somehow greener in the morning.
3. I'm 21 years old, yet mentally somewhere between 12 and 14
4. I don’t drink any carbonated soft drinks.
5. I'm often concerned with the status of my digestive tract.
6. I need a nemesis.
7. I look stupid in a suit and tie.
8. I really hate McDonald's. Cant even stand the smell of it.
9. My left arm is held together with metal pins.
8. I've broken bones twice in my life (my left arm and kneecap)
9. I havent thrown up this year.
10. I often read junk mail while in the toilet.
11. I'm better looking than Moby.
12. I live for the human interaction.
13. I'm so proud of the young lady my little sister is growing up to become.
14. I use a red pen at work cause I have trouble seeing the blue and black.
15. I'm a 'night' person. I'm at my best at night and have the most energy. I have a hard time going to sleep before 1am.
16. For the first time this year, I feel like I'm 'enough'.
17. I believe that religion can often provide people with an excuse to be really crappy to one another.
18. I spend a lot of time with my friends. I have a close inner circle.
19. My room contains many weapons including a hockey stick, a machete and a sword.
20. My favourite breakfast in scrambled eggs and toast.
21. I know I look great in speedos.
22. I'm afraid I'd be disappointed if I had a daughter one day, instead of a son.
23. My favourite band is Muse.
24. I think traffic lights are pretty. They shimmer, they shine, then they change.
25. I love being scratched in the morning. And I mean anywhere.
26. James Dean was and still is an idol of mine.
27. As a no-good teenager, I've broken into a car, broken car windows and stolen wallets.
28. I think I'm a good leader.
29. I'm fiercely Anti-American.
30. I think hair product is grossly overpriced.
31. The last real holiday I had was three years ago. I spent most of the time either naked or drunk.
32. If there were a movie ever made about my life, I'd want an ageing David Boreanaz to play 'Older Me'.
33. I really liked Madonna's version of American Pie.
34. I require a lot of attention (and sometimes constant supervision).
35. I'm often envious of people in happy, stable relationships. That envy usually turns to rage.
36. I love eating Ketchup.
37. Last year I changed the steering pump in my car all by myself. It was quite a feat of manliness!
37. I'm often lonely.
38. I've been a singer in a band. One of the best times of my life.
39. I truly believe there is nothing worth my attention on free to air television.
40. My real hair colour is still somewhat of a mystery, even to me.
41. I think the most boring thing in the world is listening to people talk about books they've read.
42. I loathe having my photo taken.
43. My shoe size is 12.
44. I think the Muppets are like a metaphor for modern day living.
45. I secretly wanna be a private detective one day. With a trenchcoat and an attractive secretary.
46. My imaginary friend as a kid was a time travelling, top hat wearing man who lived behind my fridge. He once told me that he was from the year 2025.
47. When I finish work, I like to left alone for a little bit.
48. I really hope that I'm 'loveable'.
49. I feel the cold very accutely. I love being kept warm. Preferably in a sleeping bag with someone who's naked. Also I'm naked in the sleeping bag with them.
50. One of my aims in life is to smash all the stereotypes that are contunally being perpetuated by narrow minded fools.
51. I have a really short attention span.
52. I've come to see mobile phones as a 'status symbol'.
53. I have a distinctive walk. It's determined. Well it's not really a walk, more of a shuffle.
54. I have a distinctive shuffle.
55. I love Guinness. Nothing like it.
56. My favourite subject at school was psychology, even though our teacher could be a hard arse.
57. I'm a man who can appreciate the beauty of a finely crafted weapon.
58. I abhore office politics, but I always seem to get embroiled in them.
59. I'm totally in love with Fry from Futurama. That's probably pretty obvious to you now.
60. I wear boxers, not briefs. I think it's the freedom of movement that I enjoy.
61. I have over 1300 CDs. I'm passionate about music and 100% against dowloading. As long as you pay for it, it's fine.
62. I never talk about my problems to anyone. Not really anyway.
63. I'm never, ever lazy. I pride myself on my 'get up and go'.
64. Long hair just doesn’t suit me. It's been a painful realisation.
65. My intake of red cordial is carefully regulated by my mother. I have a hyperactivity problem.
66. I'd probably never admit this in the real world, but I love to flirt with people.
67. My favourite article of clothing is my leather jacket. I hope I die in it.
68. I may have ruined a chance to find true love with someone. It's a scary thought at my age.
69. I rarely get to watch more than an hour of TV each night.
70. I love the taste of human blood.
71. I really hate surprises of any kind.
72. I don’t appreciate sarcasm all the time. I think it has to be used wisely and sparingly.
73. Rock music flows through my veins.
74. I'm not really awake until I've had my second cup of coffee.
75. I'm still largely confused about my own sexuality. It doesn’t bother me though.
76. I really want a dog. Preferably some kind of dingo. Or something that looks like a dingo.
77. I'm saddened that I don’t get more joy out of eating. People seem to take great pleasure in food, whereas I just cant seem to get excited about it.
78. I love to cuddle and be cuddled.
79. I've never worn women's clothing. Hand to god!
80. I'm a good swimmer. In high school I won a medal.
81. I once peed on someone who insulted my partner at the time.
82. I can never sit still or use a chair properly. I always have to sit in some weird position.
83. I think I'm incredibly difficult to impress.
84. Someone recently told me they thought I was 'more manly than GI Joe'. Not sure if I agree with that assessment, but still it was a nice compliment.
85. I believe that in our society there is no excuse for being unemployed.
86. I get a kick out of entertaining people, whether they're laughing at me or with me.
87. When I was a kid I went to a fancy dress party dressed as a Klu Klux Klan.
88. I've never had a lover that's been able to keep up with my sexual appetites.
89. I love the city that I live in. I know that one day soon I'll leave it, and it will always be home.
90. I hate it when people touch my stuff without asking. Makes me want to burn them.
91. My friend Lollie says I'm attracted to the 'skinny-white-loser type'. I think she may be right.
92. I love teasing Canadians. Dunno why. I blame South Park.
93. I hate having conversations over the phone. I wont do it. I wont!
94. Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful that I was born a guy. The freedom to pee standing up is mine!!
95. I rarely watch mainstream films. Matrix Reloaded was the straw that broke the camel's back.
96. I've been a male model.
97. I despise my godfather. I've never met a more dishonest, dishonourable man.
98. I think the people who run this country are far two old and conservative to ever represent the best interests of the people.
99. I love hearing a good story from someone. There's nothing like getting swept up in the narrative.
100. You'll never see me wearing anything coloured Yellow or White. The former makes me nervous, the later makes me look too dark.
101. Nobody knows me.

the end.


Blogger mocushile said...

Wow thats alot.... I dont think I will be able to write a 101 things about me without duplicating lol

but I simply have somethings in commmon especially number 101 no bdy knows me they pretend to do the try to predict but they fail..

with u .. u just need to push the limits and u will be the first to understand wtf Iam about..
in general yr 101 are all meaningful after all they describe u

7:52 AM  
Blogger Mel said...

You aren't totally anti-american. :)

6:43 PM  
Blogger Slim said...

Well I partial to a little American Pie.

Oh...and Green Day!

12:57 PM  
Blogger kenstylistic said...

you're an interesting fella.

7:26 PM  

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