Wednesday, November 23, 2005

(Volume 1)

A large segment of my vocabulary is comprised of words that are completely made up, or stolen from other people as they enter my life (or leave it). Most of them have made their way into everyday conversation. The trouble is, most people have no idea what I'm talking about, hence the need for this user-friendly glossary.
More words are being added to this already lengthy list every day. No doubt there will be a Volume 2 sometime in the near future.
Origin: The Boy
Meaning: Used to describe a state in which one's hunger subsides after eating vegetarian pizza. This can often lead to a feeling of being full when more food is consumed.
"I think that pizza made me un-hungry"

Origin: Anthony
Meaning: An excited, sugar filled way of saying the word 'exactly'. Often used in everyday conversation.
Origin: Nina
Meaning: Used to describe a selfish, uncouth person, often one who will not lend you money or buy you a drink at a bar. Punjabs are notorious for doing favours for no-one and generally being useless.
"Stop being a Punjab and give me some money to buy bourbon!!"

Origin: Unknown
Meaning: Used to describe an act which is secretive and stealthy. Also can be used to describe an act which is ultimately dishonest, but cleverly executed.
EG: Hiding drugs from your housemate who goes through your bedroom every day.

Origin: My old housemate Alex
Meaning: One of the highest terms of endearment. This word is used to describe anyone who has gone out of their way assist. It also denotes a grudging respect.
EG: My boss is a gun for not busting my arse when I'm late for work.
Origin: Angry Nick
Meaning: Fetid, putrid and encrusted with bacteria. This term is used to describe particularly unsanitary conditions in the home or workplace. A good example is some of the desks (and rotting food) left on the desk at my workplace. Also the urine soaked mens room at my last job.
Origin: Julia (ex fag-hag)
Meaning: Used to describe an event attended soley for the purpose of picking up guys. If one is going out to a bar to meet attractive yong men, one is said to be 'Trampin'"
Origin: Spike from 'Buffy'
Meaning: Used at the end of a sentence, this word punctuates defiantly. Often used when dealing with women. Eg:
"Out for a walk. Bitch"
Origin: Hit Magazine
Meaning: Used to describe anything mudane or boring. Sort of like the feeling you get while listening to Andrea Bocelli or Micheal Bolton. Another good example is former Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes.
"The curtains in this apartment are a bit Nana"
Origin: Curly haired dude in the mailroom at my first job.
Meaning: Stolen. Comes from the word 'Burgled'. "I burged your stapler."
Origin: Lollie
Meaning: Rubbish. This word is usually used when someone is talking crap or procrastinating.
"I aint taking none of that guff!!"
Origin: Firefly / Serenity
Meaning: Used to describe an overwhelming feeling of emotional or financial joy. Like getting paid every fortnight. Or waking up next to someone extremely attractive.
Origin: Lollie / Simple Plan / Family Guy
Meaning: Usually used in the literal sense "I'll come to your house and cut you!!". This word is used when there is a genuine intention to inflict pain upon another person. This can be because they're irritating you or they havent blogged for over a week, and you're getting sick and tired of their excuses.
Origin: Angry Nick / Angry Hockey Players
Meaning: Combined with the traditional hand movement (the universal symbol of excellence), this word is often used to indicate pleasure or success and yelled "Allriiiiiiiiiight!!!". It is appropriate in any situation, but not while wearing a shirt and tie. That'd just be stupid.
Origin: Fast Forward
Meaning: An affectionate term used to decribe a big breasted woman. Typically this woman will have red hair and a fiery personality.
the end.


Blogger Mel said...

Very funny Slim-Jim - and even funnier cos' I have heard you use some of these as part of your everyday talk. :)

7:48 AM  
Blogger Denny said...

Interesting Mel, exactly my thoughts (even though I think I fit one of the criteria for use of one of those words.)

8:08 AM  
Blogger Slim said...

Okay Denny, now I'm curious!

10:36 AM  

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