Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I hate Christmas.
So much.
I freak out a little. I still cant put my finger on why it upsets me so much.
Could it be that I resent having to spend possibly hundreds of dollars on gifts for people?
Could it be the part where I have to spend time with my family, and no doubt end up doing the bulk of their Christmas shopping?
Could it be the last five or six Christmases sucked arse (not in the good way) and made me really depressed or so angry I vomited?
Possibly all of the above?
I was having a (brief) e-mail chat with the ever wise Mel who shed some light on the subject. Evryone has their own ideas on what Christmas (or Xmas, as I prefer) should be like.
But it's still very difficult not to buy into a season teeming with
commercialism, and, to an extent - child exploitation.
(who the fuck do you think makes those Nikes?)

I cannot condone the merging of the birth of Christ with the Coca Cola corporation. Or the sharing of Xmas lunch, then the solitude of credit card debt afterwards.
People buy into it more and more every year - with the need to spend more. Hoards of ravenous high heeled shoppers fighting over that last Xmas ham, lying in a bargain bin.
Coupled with the looming threat of an imminent terrorist attack - this isnt my idea of celebration (I'm feeling extremely threatened right now!!)
Xmas day is usually spent with my genetic family, which (while dearly loved in their own way) are not necessarily the closest people to me. If Xmas day is meant to be about togetherness, why not be together with those who have contributed. Those who have stood by me, and at times foolishly defended me (while drunk).
Namely - my friends. My allies who seem to contribute to and enrich my life more and more with each passing day.
Lollie, Angry Nick, Trip, Lincoln, Hrisanthi, Hoda, Pete, Leanne, Dirty Nick, Manny, Elise (Swan!!), George, Mel, Simon, Andy, Billy, Dom, Marc, Kylie, Luke, Shane and possibly even Irish Nina.
I love you all. Especially Angry Nick.
So this year, once I manage to get over feeling threatened, I'm going to try and make myself an Xmas that I actually want.
And if ANY of you send me a Christmas card - I will come to your house and cut you.
(presents are acceptable)
the end


Blogger izchan said...

but all I can afford is a christmas card.

Do you accept virtual cards?

11:00 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

You'll be getting no Christmas card from me to further support the hierachy you loathe, instead you'll get a hug and a kiss, like I would give you anytime in the year. Only cos' I wouldn't see you for a little while over Christmas break. I deleted the email with the cool blurb I wrote about Xmas -I was impressed by our level of thought - well done us! :)

6:38 AM  
Blogger Lincoln Mua'dib said...

For I am the Erection and the Strife . . .

How odd was Lot? Hly mamn of Sodom he offers his daughters to a gang of gangbangers then loses his wife and sleeps with his daughters "I was drnk, Judge, ya gota believ me!"

Xmas will cm upon you and you know it!

Wat another weapon? *grins*

2:05 PM  
Blogger Lincoln Mua'dib said...

And now the sober version!

For I am the Erection and the Strife . . .

How odd was Lot? Holy man of Sodom? He offers his daughters to a horde of gangbangers then loses his wife and sleeps with his daughters! "I was drunk, Judge, ya gotta believe me!"

Xmas will cm upon you and you know it!

Want another weapon? *grins*

2:07 PM  
Blogger mocushile said...

well.. Xmas is like said to be spent with the people you love and thanks very much for my name mention
Iam popular YAYAYAYA!!!
and thanks for telling me about the card Iam ripping it off lol.. =).. but you will get a pressy Hope you like this one!! and lotsa hugs and kisses

P.s Ilove you

8:15 PM  
Blogger Slim said...

Iz: An sinister virtual card would be greatly appreciated - help me see the dark side of Xmas!!

Mel: I always wanna touch you - I dont know why. I'm always impressed at the amount of thought you give things, and the articulate way in which you express thouse thoughts.

Linx: Dude, I have no idea what that means. Are you drunk...oh wait...

The only other weapon I really want is knuckle busters. Barring those, anything Angel is always greatly appreciated.

Mocushie: of course you got name dropped! You're one of the family!!

12:54 PM  

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