Monday, December 12, 2005


I woke up to the news today positively disgusted at what I was seeing. Not since the tragic events of 9/11 have I been so horrified at what I was watching. It was like I was seeing it, but not believing it.

For those Australians reading this, you'd already be well aware of the race riots that occurred yesterday in New South Wales.

Approximately 5000 people formed a mob and raged through the streets, damaging cars and assaulting anyone with 'middle eastern' looking features.
The situation escalated, with riot police subduing an angry, violent crowd with capsicum spray and batons.

The paper today is plastered with photos of these people, and the cops trying to restrain a violent drunken mob.

There were two stabbings and 25 people injured. 40 cars were vandalised while the Australian flag was burned.

This happened in the country I live in.
This happened in Australia.

What a dark day it is for my country.

As I read the news, horrified, I saw the photos of the shirtless hooligans parading through the street. Every one of them with a beer bottle in their hands.

Look at our patriots in action, I say. Watch as the heroes of our country rush in to take action. Defending us from those foreign devils, with an arrogant chant in their voices, and a drink in one hand. Courage in numbers, cowards alone.
This is a national disgrace.

Tell me how a group of people who are the descendants of British criminals can claim racial superiority?
How are they any better than Islamic terrorists who walk into a bank with explosives strapped to their bodies?
Today I feel so ashamed to be Australian.
After seeing this type of mob rule, this type of drunken xenophobia take flight, I truly believe this country will never be the same again.
50 years ago, on the Night of The Long Knives, the same ball was set in motion with the persecution of the Jews.
This could be a slippery slope and we seem to be sliding down it pretty fuckin' fast.
You'd think that after the death of six million innocents (and countless other instances of racially motivated murders) we would have learned a lesson. And it's a simple lesson that a fragile old woman explained to me a few years back.
I had been talking with her for some time, asking about the markings on her arm. She took my hand in hers. I marvelled at how worn and gnarled her fingers were. They reflected a life of suffering.
This woman was a holocaust survivor.
And she said to me "We are all the same".
the end


Blogger IndCoup said...

Why aren’t the left addressing the root causes of the riots? Cause they don’t wanna know.

The riots took place because for a long time now Muslims have been calling women wearing bikinis and other beachwear stuff like sluts, whores and bitchs. Assults on non Muslims by gangs are commonplace.

Being Muslims, you see, they cannot hack the fact that some women don’t wanna cover up. I don’t condone the reaction by the thugs, but there is no doubt they were provoked.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Slim said...

Please understand this entry was only my personal decision.

I am well awasre that there are two sides to this situation. I live in a suburb which is predominantly 'ethnic' if you want.

Ethnic 'gangs' and behaviour like that is commonplace where I live.

I can understand the climate of tension and fear which was created because of these elements on areas like Cronulla.

What I cannot condone is the actions of a byunch of drunken white supremists who DARE to don the Australian flag with pride.

They are our nation's disgrace.

I hardly think that some name calling warrants two stabbings and a 5000 strong riot.

In my opinion, one of the factors at work here is the lack of Australian culture.

Can you name the National Australian dance?

Or our national dish?

It's been my observation that the true 'occa' or 'bogan' element of this ocuntry are often threatened by other cultures because they dont have one of their own.

5:07 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

Slim,thank you for writing this. Like you I am absolutely appalled by what has happened - because I am one of those people who would be considered 'unAustralian' to those rioters - I would be attacked if I were there on the beach - not only that, I have a niece and a nephew who are also non-white so I worry for them. I worry for my friends, neighbors, coworkers and everyone else. I am saddened by what we are deteriorating towards. I'm too angry to talk more.

7:50 PM  
Blogger mocushile said...

well.. I would like to say one thing yes we are same
But once I saw a T-shirt with the best quote on it

"You Say that Iam different ... well I laugh at you because you are all the same"

and this goes to the riots and all those who look at me as diff just because "Iam unaustralian"
well I came here on my feet
Paid my ticket not cuffed!!

and as to indcop.. the muslims not only call those none muslims with bikinis slut ..they call the muslims with bikinis that too

its not because they are muslims they call women in bikinis sluts
they just mix religion with culture ... thats all..

Some culture degrades women when they are on their monthly periods
and for another woman to pat on her shoulder she needs to get a shower!!!!!"where is the sense in that"
anyways back to women being called sluts because of bikinis

some none muslims call women with
tacky lookin bikinis sluts....!!
but muslims are not even suppose to swear at other people so yeah!!!

can u see where Iam trying to say here! its basically and simply coming from a person's point of view!

P.s not all muslims are covered you see
p.s.s. slim sorry for the essay
You know Ilove u!

8:38 PM  
Blogger izchan said...

and so the long night beckons.

it begins.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Slim said...

Guys, thank you all for your comments.
They are all intelligent and valid points that you have made.

This has already proven a controversial and divisive issue in our community and workplace.

I Frankly I am horrified to see how much support these people have.

Mel, like you, I have many friends who I am now concerned for. My sister and her boyfriend (of middle eastern descent) experienced this discrimination firsthand while on holiday recently (at an Australian town that will remain un-named)

I guess those of us who are open minded enough to see the truth of our beautiful multiculturalism will find ourselves in a position where we will all have to stand up.

10:13 AM  
Blogger izchan said...

Its the same anywhere Slim, there is no place on earth that racism is not a problem.

I live in a country when multiple race is expected to live together. And most of the time, we do. But there will always be the topic of "us" and "them".

Its not really the fact that racism exist, rather the method in which people use to address it. Here we are more or less just up to name calling and dirty jokes. But when it comes down to violence, you will actually see people defending the rights for those who are of not their colour.

We get people saying stupid things and then we get people who tell them to shut up, all in the same colour group.

So no, racism will never really disappear but its just more acceptable to just talk about it then throuwing bricks at the other party.

As I said ... the long night beckons.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Rach said...

We are all the same. It seems like every country has a history of this kind of balcksheep behavior.

1:23 PM  

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