Monday, December 19, 2005

067: CHRI$TMA$

What day of Xmas is it?

I mean according to the song, the 12 Days Of Xmas. Which number is it?

Is it the one with the pidgeons laying, or the mooses braying. I'm sure there was a golden ring in there somewhere.

Trust the greedy bitch who wrote that song to include the bling in the last verse. This way her no- good boyfriend knew that no matter how many french hens he bought his missus, he would still have to shell out on a real present - jewellry.

Mel was keeping count on her blog, I know (discounting today) that there are only 4 days remaining.

I have a week filled with last minute rendezvous to see all my favourite people and give them their various Xmas gifts. I guess I've realised I love giving stuff to people. Especially things I know they really want.

Therein lies the joy of Xmas - in purchasing things and having other people purchase things for me.

As a self confessed capitalist, this is the event of the year. Religion and family aside, I love what the holiday season does for our economy.

How I get positively wet with excitement at buying things for other people, knowing that they too have gone out and spent their hard earned cash on me.

Last night I got my first Xmas gifts from Hoda and Olivia respectively.

I plan to include all my Xmas gifts here on my blog like a little kid, so I can revel in their excellence! Here begins my list:

- Chevy Impala twelve inch model
My dream car. Either this or a 57 Chevy. How did you know?
- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Special Shiny Edition with Shiny cover
Without a doubt, this seminal 1974 classic has to be up there with my favourite films.
- Astro Boy: the action figure
A whole lot of leg spreading, flying-round-the-room action coming to my workplace soon!

And that's only round one! A week away from Xmas and I've already cleaned up!!

Loathing any sort of surprise, I can pretty much identify what each present is under the tree for me. Usually by their size, shape and smell.

The one thing I cannot identify is a battle damaged Spike action figure from the episode 'Grave'.

Or Hungry Hungry Hippos. That's been on my list for years.

Damn you Santa. You awful red demon. Damn you!!!

the end


Blogger mocushile said...

hmm Hungry Hippos!!!! well there is always your bd!!!
and we need to think about things that u need so maybe u just write down a list
and we choose !!!
and about the impala .. I just happened to love the body and colour of it and thought it would like nice where ever u gonna put it !!!!

5:57 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

Hey Sweetbits... That song isn't very animal friendly, not in the least. Lots of birds (geese, ducks, partridge, turtle doves etc)but yes, you're right, 5 golden rings (a mighty AS IF!!!) - Like you, the holidays is ALWAYS about giving to people, and I totally think you're a giver, you're more comfortable giving to people. You're one of the most generous people I know, and that in itself is a blessing, because it makes you approachable and a very kind soul. You are adored, babe, you should know. I hope you get the things on your list, because you deserve them and more - and from me, you have my eternal admiration for the wonderful human you are.

12:44 AM  
Blogger Slim said...

Mel, wow.
I think you've just topped it there.
No one has ever publicly admired me so much. You and I are part of this mutual admiration club that I love being a part of.

I hope you both enjoy your Xmas and take pleasure in the giving of gifts to others.

4:56 PM  

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