Thursday, December 22, 2005


My Pre-Xmas week is fast running out, and the frantic pace of it has taking it's toll on me. I'm tired, but still choc-full of coffee, nicotine and red frogs.

Mel just commented on my blog, and strangely it echoed earlier thoughts I was having in the mens room. A mere handful of days from the end of this year and I'm surviving.
Embattled. Betrayed. Alive.
It's more than what I could say at this time last year, barely crossing the finish line in tact, clinging to the last remaining shreds of dignity and resolve I had left.
I'm leaving this year strong. Established.
...and safe in the knowledge that I'm better looking than Moby.
I got to see all my favourite people once again this week, including Lincoln and his increasingly superior girlfriend Hrisanthi.

Two people compelling enough to hold my attention for several hours, with nothing but their intricate personalities and quick wittedness. I'm so grateful for people like that in my life, who are so willing and able to lift me out of the boredom of my every-day-average.
Updating the XMAS BOOTY LIST, here are some new gifts from Hrisanthi, Lincoln and Trip respectively:

- Flying Superman
Nail this guy to the roof and he flies around in circles, or plug him to his base and he strikes a mighty pose.
- A disc of porn
My favourite pastime.
- An 80s CD
- A Pair of fighting gloves
In which I will finally be able to smite all my enemies!
- A coffee mug with various sluts on it
Guys, I've been obsessed with this mug for so long, it's not funny
- A bottle of Irish Whiskey
If whiskey flowed from a waterfall in the forest, it would be this whiskey and there would be drunken Irish people everywhere
So there we have it, and probably the last journal entry prior to Xmas.

So I'd like to wish my loyal readership a moderately happy Xmas, filled with giving, sharing and spending (whether it be your time or money).

Stand for peace.


Blogger Mel said...

Now if there was some way we can get you to think of me in the mens room... hehe, please don't. :)
Is it possible that we were thinking the same thoughts? Scary yet very interesting, and by interesting I mean... hot! :)
I like your Christmas list, 'specially the whiskey. Ohhhhh yeeessss!!!

4:51 PM  

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