Wednesday, December 28, 2005


This time of year is always kind of strange.

It's like being lost in limbo. Some kind of neon-light-filled purgatory in which there is a week between Xmas and the end of the year.

Work seems like a house with all the children gone. Everyone is still on leave, away with their families, boyfriends and girlfriends doing more entertaining things than I can possibly even think of right now. And having lots of sex.

It's as if at this point, no one really gives a damn.

Everyone slacks off - and rightfully so.

We're all just holding our breath, waiting to cross that finish line.

Speaking of which I still have no concrete new years plans. Definetly keeping it a low-key affair though.

Once I finish my current team leading assignment midway through next month, I'm thinking of taking some time off. Kind unprecedented for me. The concept of a holiday is kinda lost on me. And I don’t really have anyone to go with.

So the concept of a solo escape is kind of unappealing (although earlier this year, such a venture proved invaluable)

Scored some excellent Xmas gifts, all of which I will report on before the year is through.

My Xmas four day break consisted of lots of DVD viewing (Red Dwarf Series 7), drinking (got stuck into that fine, fine Whiskey) and eating. So much eating.
Detox begins right here.
the end.


Blogger izchan said...

Pizza, beer and Malcolm Reynolds.

Need I say more?

5:54 PM  
Blogger mocushile said...

Hmm holidays.. need I say 5 weeks isnt enough for me !!!

Ah well... 2007 I will be applying for 10 weeks .."just kidding"

well hun you deserve a time off to cool and ease down your troubles I

so very much encourge you to go somwhere nice and quite not Ballarat or geelong Bad Myth about them

u can go wangartta , beachworth
or even take the spirit of Tazzy and enjoy the cruise..

about being with someone unless they are worth it ur better off alone
love ya. and miss ya

7:48 PM  

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