Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Why am I not surprised?
I even have a really tiny pair of shorts at home and a shirt that I once ripped open in a fit of rage. This was during my brief stint as a mail boy.
Here are the results below. I'm ever so pissed. I wanted to be Superman!!! And what do they mean Seventy Five percent Supergirl!?!?
This is about my Madonna CDs, isnt it?
100% Spider-Man
95% Iron Man
95% Superman
80% Green Lantern
80% Batman
75% Supergirl
65% The Flash
65% Robin
60% Catwoman

You are a wanderer with amazing strength.

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Blogger Denny said...

75% Supergirl? Nothing to do with your Madonna album. Its the push-up bra. Dead give away.

4:37 PM  
Blogger mocushile said...

Well well look who is green and gets angry quickly


Hulk 100%

Super man 80%

The Flash 75%

Robin 70%

Spider-Man 60%

Supergirl 60%

Wonder Woman 55%

Batman 50%

Catwoman 50%

Iron Man 50%

Green Lantern 45%

7:29 PM  

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