Friday, February 10, 2006


Dont let the world pass you by,
Not everyone here is that fucked up and cold,
Remember why you came and why you're alive,
Experience the warmth before you grow old.
- Incubus "The Warmth"

Crouched down on the road at 4am yesterday morning with my digital camera, I couldn’t help but think that this was a familiar feeling. Taking photos of the gaping hole that mere minutes ago was the front of my car.

Some idiot smashed into the front of my parked car yesterday morning leaving a huge gash and about $1500.00 in damages for me to take care of.
Yup, that’s fitting.

Seriously, I think this car is cursed or something. Let's recap. Over the last fortnight:
- I've had my wallet and phone stolen from the car.
- had the car's rear vision mirrors ripped off by a wayward cyclist.
- had a gaping hole put in the front of my car in some random accident.
I've been thinking that I simply don’t make enough money to pay for all the awful things that keep happening to me. So I'm on the hunt for a second job. Hopefully I can finally make some progress with my money instead of constantly paying for damage control.

So my beautiful car (White Sox) goes into the shop next week, sort of like a ship being in dry-dock. I haven't even had this car for a full year and it's already half demolished!

So this year has well and truly started on quite a bad note. Not even half way through February and I already have so much rebuilding to do. So much healing to do. It's challenging. I get exhausted just thinking about it!

So here begins the search for another job. I'm sure there are plenty of things I can be good at!

The most annoying thing is that the road to recovery is always so long. Whether it's emotional or financial recovery - it still takes so much time for things to be 'okay' again. I think that's what I'm looking forward to.
That's what I'm working towards now.
It seems impossibly difficult, but still it's kinda nice to have my work cut out for me.
the end


Blogger izchan said...

Thats part of being a "adult" means.

I wish I stayed with Peter in Never-neverland.

8:15 PM  
Blogger mocushile said...

Man!!! Thats is so so so so so fucked up, and the year well hello there new year! more like a year full of baddies more than goodies .. but we cant just sit their and cry we have to survive!

AS Izchan said I wished I stayed
with peter , damn u pete did u have to get me back form neverland now I can never go back!! hmm

anyways what was I saying this is all bad luck.. I am having all that myself with being sick so
I think me and your car have the same curse

as for the second job I have a good one for u I will let u know about it even before u read this lol...

9:44 PM  
Blogger Slim said...

Izchan - definetly feeling the urge to run back to my childhood and seek refuge there. If only it wasnt ten or twelve years behind me!

Mocushie - look forward to hearing about this new business venture. It's only been a day and somehow the job offers are already coming in :-)

8:30 AM  
Blogger Mel said...

Have missed you, sweetbuns...

1:55 PM  
Blogger Slim said...

Well I'm back baby, full speed ahead (once my car is fixed that is).

I'm back in the trenches now with the rest of y'all. I think you just need another one of my patented bear hugs :-)

3:09 PM  

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