Thursday, June 01, 2006


Concealed in the depths of my deepest closet in my bedroom there is a small blue box. I call it my Memory Box.

It contains a vast array of otherwise pointless artefacts. Each one of them is priceless to me.

You see the thing is with the Memory Box, that every item in there is attached to a memory. A significant event. A loved one. Dear friends who have since become casualties or names I fondly remember.

New items are continually added to the box.

The other night, I was compelled to rifle through every item in the Memory Box and was struck at what a positive experience it was. Going through those items always helps me remember why I'm in this world, and that my life is a journey with a beginning, middle and end.

The trinkets contained in the box serve as proof. Proof that I existed, and that I lived.
Some of these items are somewhat nonsensical, others rather more poignant.

A Bindi that was awarded to me by a stripper after my very first live performance singing with my band.

Jumper leads, stolen from my school physics lab by my best mate in high school Marc (stolen for "unspecified purposes")

Paper planes made by my high school crush. Saucy letters from more than one person, including one from my long time ex, given to me at work years ago.

There are many 'firsts' in the Memory Box. Like my very first hash pipe (that I managed to break quite easily), the tickets to the very first concert I went to (Robbie Williams) and the results from my driving test, which, three years ago set me on my way to becoming the angry motorist you see before you.

Some of these items are more bittersweet.

My grandmother's wedding ring that she wanted me to have after she died.

A Christmas card from a loved one, that for some reason a few years ago brought a tear to my eye.
A dance card from my high school dance. I met my first girlfriend that night. She came to a bad end, eventually succumbing to her many problems and putting a bullet in her head.
Photos of my parents, and their parents before them.
A beer bottle cap with "01/01/2006" etched into it. A reminder of new years day, what I was doing, and who I was with.
Going through all of this made me feel loved. These are things that I can see and touch, and hold preciously in my hand. It helps to connect me to the journey and lifts me up when I feel down.
In a strange way, these items often assist in me making peace with my past and those who have shared it with me. Each item, no matter how trivial, is an affirmation of my life.
the end.
Hate to get shamelessly self promoting here, but with the impending end of this blog, and public demand at an all time high - I've decided to start a new blog. This one's a little different.
I cant reveal the title yet, but it will be online soon.
It's kind of an 'Ask Jim' concept where I invite all of you to send me your problems via e-mail. Your e-mails will then be published (and suitably edited for spelling and length) along with a humorous and undoubtedly sarcastic response.
So start now! Send your problems to:


Blogger mocushile said...

Oh.. thats one thing we share as well the memory box with me its the memory bag and it does have some blue in it

I have letters and things from the ex and from my friends from pen pals
and yeah

Taking over DR PHIL what a progress!!!!! i guess u would be one hell of a good listener.. =)

9:20 PM  
Blogger Denny said...

OK, I've started saving a list of problems. in anticipation.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Mel said...

My problem is the lack of hugs I anticipate now that I'm not part of your team!!! Big WHAAAAAAAAAAA
Miss your ass...

8:55 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

I too have a memory box. But i wish i put little notes on some of the items in there.
I can't figure out why there is an empty can of Pepsi, circa 1996 in there, but i won't throw it out. I have to know what it's about.
curse my feeble mind!!

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My memory box is the mush inside my head - very cool post.

Dr Slim - I sooo very much look forward to your reality talkback blog, cant wait for the episode "My wife slept with my Goldfish and now they're moving to canada"

10:09 PM  
Blogger Slim said...

Thanks for your comments bitches!!

Mocushile: Things from various exes weigh heavily in my own memory box too. So I'm relating. Word.

Denny: remember that e-mail address! It'll be up and running soon. I already have several teen pregnancy e-mails in my inbox (!)

Mel: as the the person who inspired this blog, and subsequent ones, you're always gonna be part of team Jim!

Steph: The pepsi can you mention is an excellent example of what should be in the memory box. Remember, in the year 2032, there will be no Pepsi, so maybe your can will be worth something!

Shane: Your life is convoluted. I think you should keep that goldfish of yours ion a shorter leash. PS: I hear he's dealing crack - keep him away from Whitney.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


(yes i am very tired)

9:50 PM  

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